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"The Woman with a Worm in her Head" is a clearly and elegantly written account of Dr Nagami's career as an infectious diseases specialist. Her stories of treatments and outcomes are as gripping and full of incident as good detective fiction (though infused with more humanity). But my general ignorance and too fleeting retention of the medical and scientific details had me taking a break half way through. When I took up the book from the beginning again, I was determined to keep alert and to Google frequently (including for recent developments). A couple of times I had a suprise encounter with one of Dr Namagi's disease adversaries in a news report or in my other reading.

In this way I found myself appreciating "The Woman with a Worm in her Head" in the way which, in the final paragraph, Dr Namagi says she had intended: "Through my story you've had an opportunity to observe from a safe distance some of the things I see and they way I see them. Hopefully, now if you haven't had chickenpox, you will get the vaccine, and if you live in cocci hot spots, you'll think twice before hiking in the hills on a windy day. The maneaters are out there, but you don't have to let them in."

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