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Flappers, speakeasies, prohibition, gangsters, jazz, an interracial relationship and murder all jump from the pages of "Ingenue". This young adult book transports the reader back to a time when life was exciting and dangerous and where interracial relationships were forbidden.

Glo and Raine give such life to the story. They both came from "good" influential homes, decided to "sow their wild oats" and ended up involved living lives they never dreamed of. Both lives influenced by the mob, they do the best that they can with the cards they have been dealt. True to character, these two give such a realistic look at what the "glamorous" life was really like.

"Ingenue" is the second book in Jillian Larkin's Flapper series, and although it can be read as a stand alone, I would suggest that "Vixen" be read first. There are a few events and people that are mentioned in "Ingenue" that would be lost to the reader coming into the series with this book. These events gave me a satisfaction that wouldn't have happened had I not read the first book.

"Ingenue" is a fantastic continuation of the series. It's sassy, suspenseful, and an excellent representation of the times. Although targeted to young adults, I found myself forgetting the ages of the characters. They seemed older and more mature than the youth of today - making this a good book for both teens and adults alike.

This is 2nd book of “The Flappers” collection

” Where revenge is a dish best served cold”

Power… love… scandal,
There’s never enough to go around.

In the city that never sleeps, Lorraine Dyer is wide awake. Ever since she exposed Clara Knowles for the tramp she was – and lost her closest confidante in the process – Lorraine has spent every second scheming to make her selfish, lovesick ex-best friend pay for what she did. No one crosses Lorraine. Not even Gloria.

True love conquers everything – or so Gloria Carmody crazily believed. She and Jerome Johnson can barely scrape together cash for their rent, let alone have a moment to whisper sweet nothings in the dark. And if they thought escaping Chicago meant they’d get away with murder . . . they were dead wrong.

Clara was sure that once handsome, charming Marcus Eastman discovered her shameful secret, he’d drop her like a bad habit. Instead, he swept her off her feet and whisked her away to New York. Being with Marcus is a breath of fresh air – and a chance for Clara to leave her wild flapper ways firmly in the past. Except the dazzling parties and bright lights won’t stop whispering her name.

Ingenue is the second novel in the sexy, dangerous, and ridiculously romantic Flappers series set in the Roaring Twenties . . . where revenge is a dish best served cold

Editorial Reviews

Elle Girl (online):
“Ingenue hits shelves August 9, and we are way ready for the latest glamorous chapter. Short skirts, dark and dank speakeasies, and a slew of boys are more than enough to grab our intrigue. It’s high time we strolled into our imaginary time machines back to the 1920s”

“This is a minxes-and-mayhem cross between Friends and Boardwalk Empire.”

School Library Journal:
“The booze, deception, scandals, and romance will keep readers looking forward to the next book in the series.”

Feathered Quill:
“This series should definitely be on your list to buy, as these books tell what 1920’s New York was really all about – good gossip and a whole lot of fun.”

Book Loving Mommy:
“I love the descriptions of New York in the 1920s! They are so real that you feel like you are watching it on TV. The speakeasies were well-described and it is obvious that the author has done her research into this world and time…I highly recommend that you pick up this series and give it a try!”

One Page at a Time:
“Fun brain candy with lots of historical insight.”

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