Into the Desert-Reflections on the Gulf War

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Very Educational.

I do have this fascination with the working of the Middle East. I enjoy reading the ins and outs of politics and policy-making. This book was excellent in explaining the background of the Gulf War. Early in the book, there were two passages that I felt clearly explained it's intent:

"This book examines the Gulf War anew. It's goal is to explain, within the broad categories of history, strategy, politics, military affairs and public opinion, what the initial war over Kuwait meant to participants at the time; what it continues to mean to journalists, scholars, and policymakers still engaged in the region......."

Then, with regards to the writings of the different contributors:

"Collectively, their purpose is to inform readers unfamiliar with these events why they mattered ....."

When I read that second passage, I thought - that's me! I am one of those readers unfamiliar with the events that lead to the Gulf War and I really did find this book to be fascinating and informative.

Many thanks to Oxford University and Netgalley for allowing me to read this book for an unbiased review.

Publish date: December 3 2012.

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