intuitive thinking

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This book is my favourite book; my desert island book. I can't get enough of reading it. It's amazing. Both its premise - the boldness of it - as well as the language (which is so crisp and clear that every other book seems tedious and unintelligent in comparison) continue to amaze me.

I got really angry at this book, twice.

I got really angry when I first read it. (I was so angry I very literally threw this book against a wall and vowed to never open its pages again.) It seemed to mock me on every page.
It wasn't after I overcame my senseless rage and realized this isn't a book that can be read with intellectual, analytic distance, that I was able to pick the book up again and start over.
This book needs, demands, to be read as a workbook. You need to live this book. You need to open your mind far enough to alow yourself to jump through every hoop that the author places before you. Only then will you be rewarded by a spectacularly simple, yet spectacularly profound new view on life and your place within it, that it continues to blow my mind - daily.

The second time that I got really angry was when I finished this book. I realized I would probably never again read a masterpiece like this.

It is an absolute understatement to say I love this book. I can't recommend this book highly enough. But don't make the same mistake I did. Don't keep an intellectual distance. Plunge in and let it change you, I dare you.

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