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HOLY FRIGGIN' CRAP! - This book was mindbogglingly amazing! The second installment to the Dark-Hunter spin off young ydult series, Chronicles of Nick, the plot of Invincible was just as amazing as Infinity's.

I couldn't help but fall in love all the more with this amazing character, Nick Gautier. He had captured my adoration and love all the way back to the first novel of the Dark-Hunter series, Night Pleasures, and he continued to do so off-and-on throughout the twenty three books of the series, thus far.

The witty writing, still amazing. The cohesive, understandable, and entertaining plot, still amazing. The character development, still amazing. The expansion of the characters, still amazing. The dialogue, setting, and description, all still amazing. Sherrilyn Kenyon is continuing to prove, as she always does, that she is a phenomenal author and creative genius.

Invincible absolutely blew me away with taking yet another fascinating angle, necromancy, and maintaining a unique storyline throughout. I'm so excited about this series, and can't wait 'til next years installment!

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