Jason F Wright – Christmas Jars

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I HAVE to say something about this book; It's just a short little story but boy, do it pack a wallop.I will also say that on the first go around of the book, I couldn't get into it, but as time moved on, I caught the gist of it which is why I am reading it a second time. Its a couple of stories in a book, and since then, I have started two jars(one to keep, one to give away during the holiday season which is something I wanted to do for a while now).But to say that I was changed was an understatement. I was determined to start a jar; I wasn't working then, and the very next day went looking for mason jars; come to find out I had some plastic leftover jars from some bath salts that I use and they serve my purpose well. On the story, it's about a young girl who had her home ransacked right around the Christmas holidays, after losing her mom to cancer, and someone seeing her need, left her a jar by the door anonymously; Thinking it was someone elses, she asked around about it, but no takers, but with some digging came across a little phenomenom and a loving family that took her in as well. I know folks are saying, look its a recession, I have a need myself. But I feel that there is always someone who has one more than you.

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