Jenna Evans Welch – Love & Gelato

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'people come to italy for all sorts of reasons, but when they stay, its for the same two things - love and getalo.'

some personal news: im moving to italy at the end of the week and i would be lying if i said this book didnt influence that decision.

im off to find my own ren to love, eat my entire body weight in gelato, and live my best dolce vita. <3


sugar and spice and everything nice - that is what this book is made of. and now i have a toothache from the sticky sweetness of this story, which is exactly what you would expect from a title like 'love and gelato.'

this book checks so many boxes for me, i dont even know where to begin. so let me share my list:

- coming of age story (love the connection between lina and her mothers journal). check.
- set abroad (ughh. how romantic is italy! sigh). check.
- swoon-worthy crush (pls marry me, ren, i luv u). check.
- fun adventures, amazing characters, and heartfelt message. check, check, check!

im in awe at how something so light and fluffy can deliver such a deep and meaningful story. everything about this is positively wonderful and absolutely lovely. this gave me heart flutters and butterflies and all the warm fuzzy feels imaginable. its definitely going to the top of my favourite contemporaries of all time - its the ultimate feel book book!

5 stars

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