Joanne Harris – Sleep, Pale Sister

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This book fit squarely into my super-love category. Mysterious, sensual, provocative, magical. On the cover a reviewer calls this book "a hauntingly evocative laudanum-dream of a novel" and I must say I agree completely. I have not read any of Ms. Harris's other books and I hesitate to, because this book seems to be a departure from her other type of work...and since I LOVE this book I imagine her other work might not work for me as well. But who knows I might pick up Blackberry Wine.

But I digress...

I gave this book five stars because the voice of the author was so strong, and the ethereal dreamy weirdness of the book never faltered. It jitterbugged between four different narrators in chapters which were sometimes only a few pages long. Each voice was clearly recognizable, and each character was achingly damaged and seeking to escape past mistakes. At the beginning it was kind of hard to keep going, but it picked up in the middle and the web of deception and betrayal was cast. I just LOVE tragic, intense, mystical/magical stories like this one. The strange Victorian misogynist viewpoints were also fascinating to read. I really liked this book. It's probably not for everyone but it's definitely going onto my keeper shelf for when I want a really tragic, transporting story.

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