John J Davis – Bloody Truth

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Adrenaline Rush Time

Bloody Truth, the next installment in the Granger Spy Novel series by John J. Davis is a thrill readers dream. The action will keep you turning the page and wanting more. The pace of the novel is very fast and there isn't much down time. Ron, Val & Leecy are part of a team tracking down hackers trying to destroy America's financial stability. Will they save the day; one will have to read to find out.

John's characters on both sides are quiet an interesting mix; they all play their roles, to make the novel a very enjoyable read. We all remember there is no 'I' in TEAM from our school days, John puts a lone wolf into the cast of characters, which just adds another wrinkle in this well paced novel. The plot twist and turns will keep you guessing and when you think you have the novel figured out, right turn please, John will take you in a direction you didn't expect.

If you enjoyed the first Granger Spy Novel, you will not be disappointed.

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