Joy Division

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basically it has changed the way I used to think about joy division, Ian Curtis suicide and etc... also made mine perceptions about life and marriage change a lot. Deborah Curtis is nothing that I had imagine that she was, she was not the needy and annoying rock star wife that we would suppose. when we are a joy division fan we believe and clichés and prejudices about everybody involved and just don't realise that they are nothing but opinions. facts has to be checked. I would strong recommend to complement this great reading the complementary reading of Peter's Hook book, and then Bernard Sumner Book, Chapter and Verse, and then Deborah's Curtis book, in this order. leave her book for the last, the best for the last. Peter s Hook is amazing as well, is like more an introduction, Chapter and Verse will bore you but it is complementary since Bernard Sumner talked a great deal with Ian Curtis and even hypnotised him! you can find the whole session in the end of the book. I think these three book are very complimentary of Ian Curtis character, and if you are a fan like me and always wondered why he committed suicide, the poetry in his lyric's, you will find it very substantial.

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