K. Webster – War & Peace 5 – This is Me, Baby

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Oh holy hell!!! Just when I think things can't get even more screwed up; sh*t goes sideways again!!!! Gah! I'm scared to read the next book!! One thing I've learned while reading this series is that nothing goes easy for any of these characters! Every single one of them has been tortured or raped in some form or fashion! It is by far an easy read, and yet I can't stop!

I loved this fifth book because of Ren! God that guy is a hero that deserves all the good life has to give! His dedication to Brie is nothing short of amazing! I sometimes felt he deserved way better than what she could give him...but it is what it is!!

Anyway, I have got to continue on to book six! I can tell you that when I finish this series, I'm going to have a huge book hangover! And I'll be ready for some light reading! Lol!

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