Karen Chance – Cassandra Palmer 0.6 – The Queen’s Witch

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This novella is the sequel to The Gauntlet, taking place one day after Kit Marlowe helped Gillian out of the prison, and Gillian left him behind.

At the beginning of the story, Gillian is almost caught by the Silver Circle again, but Marlowe helps her again, and this time he doesn't let her go until she agrees to substitute the missing witch in a meeting.

In the meeting, they detect how and when the Black Circle plans to end the Queen. All they have to do is stop them from carrying out their plan. Of course, it is dangerous and seems almost impossible.

So what do we have
A conspiracy against Queen Elizabeth I.
The largest pearl in the world, La Peregrina, which is cursed with a special spell, is supposed to drain life from every living organism that touches it.
A fearless and gorgeous (especially when he is naked) vampire, Kit Marlowe.
A very talented, powerful, and smart witch, Gillian.
And a zombie monkey.

I loved how accurately the magic and the spells are created and work, it's really impressive.

The Queen's Witch is an adventurous, interesting, funny, and sensual story. Highly recommended!

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