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Can I ask a serious question How does Kasie West do it how does she manage to make me love each story she writes more than the last I torture myself by reading them as soon as I can get my hands on them, which in turn makes me just have to wait even longer for the next, but I seriously can't even help myself.

This book isn't out until July of 2016 yes I said July 2016. That's half a year away, and still, I didn't even care. As soon as it was loaded onto my kindle app, I pull this beauty up and dove in.

I mean I love a lot of books. I just do. I'm an emotional reader so I tend to click with stories where I can relate to the characters and Kasie just manages to write the most realistic and fun characters around.

Lily doesn't fit in with the popular kids at school she's a bit quirky and definitely unique, focused less on the labels attached to her clothing and more on her creative side and trying to get her words to form a song or two. She's a self-taught guitar player who dreams of writing music that means something to people, but in the meantime, she struggles through Chemistry and dealing with her overwhelming family.

After writing one of her favorite bands lyrics on her desk in chemistry, she comes to class the next day only to find out that someone else in the school actually has good taste in music and has left her a message. One thing leads to another and she's suddenly got a 'pen pal' in class that she ends up sharing more with than she does her best friend. As days and weeks pass, Lily finds herself wondering just who she might be clicking with. It's not hard to figure out you guys I mean there are quite a few indicators, and the summary isn't stealthy about it at all but who the heck cares it was so fun!!

Cade and Lily hate each other. Like HATE HATE each other. Their hate even came between Lily's best friend's relationship with Cade a couple years ago and culminated with a hated nickname he happened to give her that just happened to stick through the years.

Cade is the complete opposite from Lily if everything is to be believed perfect family, perfect house, perfect friends but sometimes it's easy to put up a front and as Lily learns who she's connecting with via words and shared secrets she quickly finds that maybe Cade isn't really the self-assured guy he shows everyone.

I love Love / Hate relationship stories the way the characters build that thin line that's always present and gah it's just perfection. So after seeing the author name, the summary was next to catch my attention. Kasie always does an amazing job of building the connection between characters before having them 'hook up' in any way, and she does that really wonderfully here again. I absolutely love that these two are complete opposites in Every. Single. Way. Only to have them come together over words and thoughts it was just lovely.

I have to mention Lily's family too, because they are a huge part of this story no matter how messy or crazy or insane things were, it was so fun to see the traditions, to see them talk things out, to see them help each other real live, wonderful families are so rare in YA that getting to see one is like Halley's Comet- they only appear once every 75 years or so. (okay so I exaggerate a bit)

It's entirely possible that this might just be my favorite Kasie West book after reading, but then, I'll probably change my mind once I reread her others Is it okay to just say that I love them all equally and want to drown in her stories and words forever

If this one isn't on your radar, put it there now! You're going to absolutely love it when it arrives in 7 months. OMG I'M SO SORRY FOR TEASING! I promise I'll be waiting here with you because I'll definitely be rereading this one as soon as it hits shelves!

P.S. I like you Kasie... but you already know that :)

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