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Allow Katy Colins to whisk you away from the drizzly norm, to the humid and tropical shores of Thailand, alongside Georgia Green as she sets out to rediscover the very best parts of herself. This is exactly what happened when I began reading Destination Thailand by Katy Colins. Passionate travel blogger, and now Carina author, this is Katy's first book in The Lonely Hearts Travel Club series and I honestly couldn't have loved it more if I'd tried. In fact, the next book in the series Destination India cannot arrive quick enough for me.

In Destination Thailand, we're introduced to Georgia Green. After a disastrous end to her long-term relationship, she's suddenly lost and not sure of what her next move should be. So, after much persuasion from best friend Marie, Georgia creates a bucket list and sets out to tick off the things she's wanted to do for so long, but hasn't had the courage, or incentive, to do so. Dusting off the discouraging comments from family, and knowing in her heart it's the right thing to do, Georgia stumbles upon a place that appears to offer exactly what she's after. A getaway, far from the memories and her ex's new girlfriend, where she can hopefully find the old Georgia. And so, the adventures in Thailand begin...

And what fantastic adventures Georgia sets upon! From the moment she arrives, the author delivers this new, exciting setting the most gorgeous of ways. Katy's descriptions are so vivid and fresh, so much so that I could just imagine myself walking alongside Georgia and taking in the sights and smells right beside her. From the palm trees to the tropical flowers, it was a tantalising treat for the senses which the author got spot-on, ensuring I was transported there myself.

Despite the setting being brought to life so fantastically, to me, Georgia Green made this wonderful novel what it was. I loved everything about her character. The fact that she'd been let down so tragically is something I think a lot of readers are able to relate to at one point or another, myself included, so I was able to sympathise and warm to Georgia's character instantly. I was outraged on her behalf in regards to the circumstances that had befallen her, and this only goes to show how much heart and soul went into her character from the author. I knew, without a doubt, that a trip to Thailand was exactly what Georgia needed, and I was wholly satisfied when Katy delivered this. I was excited to follow Georgia on her adventures, to discover what mishaps would befall her when she arrived, and I was delighted. Not only because of where Georgia ends up treading, but because of the entertaining cast of characters who are beside her on these adventures. From falling beneath the spell of a handsome hunk and losing her belongings, to visiting an animal sanctuary and giving someone a taste of their own medicine, it was fun, fun, fun beneath the Thailand sun!

But it isn't all fun and games for dear Georgia Green. Oh no. As she goes on her way, she learns some very important lessons and begins to find the pieces of herself that she'd thought she'd lost back home. Not only that, but the help of a new friend comes in handy and steers Georgia back in the right direction when she accidentally stumbles off-course. It's beautifully enriching, eye-opening and soul-capturing, and a tale of one young woman who goes in search of herself when she needs it the most. With the support of her best friend, new friends, and not-so-much friends, Georgia Green is on a mission, and I loved reading about every single part of it. It's escapism at it's best, and oh-so-tempting when it comes to encouraging you to pack your own bags and jet off too. It's a story full of surprises, and twists and turns, and taking chances, even when you don't feel brave enough to do so.

Becca's Books is awarding Destination Thailand by Katy Colins with five gorgeous cupcakes. I adored this book, and I'm thrilled that it's part of a series. A series which I am now seriously looking forward to. I feel like I need to get prepared for some fictional globe-trotting with Georgia Green and I cannot wait!

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