Kenya Wright – The Lion and the Mouse 1 – Dirty Kisses

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Reread 7/17/18 because book 2, "Dirty Love" will be out in August 2018! Looking forward into reading payback to Kaz and Emily's dirty brothers! This book is one of my favorites of 2018!

"Dirty Kisses" by Kenya Wright was a gritty, dark and in your face, suspenseful mafia story that held my attention from the first paragraph to the very last page. All the who-knew shockers just kept coming along with the double takes of even more twists and turns from dark ghastly murders, serial killings to rival gangs causing all types of mischief in the city that never sleeps. With that questionable happy for now ending, maybe more will come of the Russian lion and his cunning mouse and the Harlem crew too from Prague to Russia... hinting away to KW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 plus brilliant and lively stars *****

Loved this intriguing couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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