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What a fascinating read.
I'll try and be objective about this initially. This is a book that is written in a fairly scientific way. Despite that it is highly readable. The author - a biologist - starts by looking at the diseases that plagued mankind over a century ago. Diphtheria, polio and the like were successfully eradicated and that allowed a far longer lifespan for people in general. After that came the new "conditions" that we live with now. Diabetes, autoimmune issues, autism and other problems that started becoming prominent around the middle of the 20th century. This book takes us through these issues and looks at the current/recent interest in our microbiota. The microbes/bacteria and the like that live on us and in us are what makes us just 10% on our own. I know far more about them than I did!

I found the scientific analysis fascinating and highly readable. While I have read one or two books loosely about this field I found the general approach here quite compelling. I guess I find our ignorance of such things unsurprising but a great pity - hopefully this will continue to change. This book will affect the way I live in the future and I do really feel it is a worthwhile read - I don't tend to be this evangelical in reviews but I guess I feel I should be with this one :).

The author having maintained a fairly scientific approach for the majority of this book offers an excellent "coda" towards the end. In a sense it is a summary of what she has said so far and some signposting to the way she feels things should be. The final chapter sees her leave the scientific fence to a greater degree and become personal and evangelical herself - I happy with that and would like to thank her for this excellent read.

To anyone reading this I would say that if you have an interest in the subject matter this book is well worth a look. If you have any issues with modern day "conditions" such as the ones I've mention and more or concerns about antibiotics then I would say you should definitely consider reading this.

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