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"I'm not so stupid as to believe that you've completely forgotten about your former boyfriend. I know you think there are others here more suited for me and this life, and I wouldn't want you to rush into trying to be happy with any of this. I just...I just want to know if it's possible..."
THE SELECTION was one of the best books I have ever read! I don't think I quite expected that once I flipped the first page that I couldn't stop! But guess what it happened! I am constantly thinking about this book and I am 100% in "WOW" mode! Everything about this book I absolutely loved and I have no freaking clue how I am going to wait more than a year for the second book to come out. Such torture!

THE SELECTION is a dystopian novel, but it didn't seem so much like one to me, more like a Cinderella story. But they have a caste system in this world that goes from one to eight. One being very rich and eight being very poor. The Selection gets held for the prince where out of 35 woman he gets to narrow it down to one girl he picks as his princess. So notices gets sent to all the girls to the age of 16 to 20 and all the girls go crazy submitting their entries for THE SELECTION.

Since The Selection started, I'd been worrying that it was something that was going to ruin my life. But in this moment, I couldn't think of a time that felt more right.
As for America Singer our heroine of the story who is a five in the caste system, she doesn't want anything to do with THE SELECTION. Her mother is very needy and begging her because it is a wonderful opportunity. Even if you don't get chosen as the princess your life changes forever, you will be higher up in the caste system, and it would help America's family.

America doesn't care about any of that though, and plus she has a secret boyfriend, Aspen. It is sort of forbidden too for her to be with him. Later on, Aspen feels America should at least try for The Selection and she gets picked as one of 35 girls. And some problems happen between Aspen and America before she leaves.

He leaned in even closer to whisper. "You say you're here by mistake, so I'm assuming you don't want to be here.. Is there any possibility of you having any sort of...of loving feelings towards me"
I liked America. I felt like she as a very strong heroine. And she is very unselfish. She is doing THE SELECTION for her family to help them, but also she wants some distance from Aspen. When we meet Prince Maxon he is everything America thought he wouldn't be. he is absolutely swoon worthy. I mean, come on. he is a prince. Maxon has very cute qualities that make my heart flutter. He has a cute reaction to crying ladies and it is funny. I love how he uses the term, "my dear", which America hates. Haha!

Prince Maxon is very sweet and kind and all her wants is to find a girl among the 35 girls that are at his palace that he could love. That girl may end up to be America though. But the question becomes is America even interested Is she over Aspen yet There seems to be a lot going on between Maxon and America without anything actually happening and it becomes clear in my opinion at least that America does like Maxon, but there are things she has to figure out first.

I wrapped my arms around him, resting my head against his chest. Maxon seemed both comforted and surprised by the gesture. I took only a second for him to wrap his arms securely around me. "Maxon, I'm not completely sure what we are, but we're definitely more than friends."
No surprise that I like Maxon more than Aspen, but Aspen definitely has his moments and it makes you feel a little sorry for him. But I most definitely want America and Maxon together. THE SELECTION was one absolutely amazing and my only complaint would be why this book isn't longer. It felt so short. I wish the book was like 500 pages long. I loved it that much! It will be complete torture waiting for the next book in the series.

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