Killing Kate – Alex Lake

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Hold your breath 1. 2. 3. Get set go, start reading Killing Kate, but be warned I did just recommend that you hold your breath before reading. If you thought that After Anna was a nightmare of a thriller, then I can a sure you all Killing Kate is much frighteningly better. Kate, May, Gemma, and Beth were four best friends, from their first days at infant school. Kate had finished with her boyfriend Phil. It broke Phil's heart that Kate didn't love him any more. Kate, Gemma and May go to Turkey for a holiday. While they are in Turkey Kate sleeps with a man who she can't even remember his name. When Kate arrives home the news of a serial killer is killing young women that seem to look just like Kate. Is Kate being watched and followed. Who is killing victims that look like Kate So much happens with twist and turns I was breathless reading every page. Killing Kate is so much of a page turner I very, very highly recommend it.

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