Know your Traffic Signs

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There's obviously a huge practical benefit for this book, but anyone with a degree of pedantry will love some of the obscure facts in it. For example, we all know there of the triangular signs warning of animals - but can you name them all (wild horses or ponies, wild fowl, sheep, cattle, migratory toad crossing and the generic "wild animals"). Do you know the traffic light symbols for tram drivers Did you know those slip roads at large roundabouts are called "segregated left-turn lanes", or have you heard the terms "lane gain", "lane drop" and "deceleration lane" regarding motorway junctions Did you know that anything that's not a motorway is known as an "all-purpose road", or that those chevron markers on motorways are 40 metres apart and designed for a safe driving distance at 70mph You know what the symbol is telling you to leave a motorway, but what about the ones used to tell you not to join it Did you know that motorway service areas are provided at distances of not more than 30 miles, or that direction signs for motorway junctions are at 1 mile and half a mile from the junction, whilst tourist destinations are at three quarters of a mile and a quarter of a mile The section on parking, clearway, red routes and so on is also very detailed. Definitely came away with a greater appreciation of the work of road engineers after reading this.

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