Layoverland – Gabby Noone

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I have exactly one criticism of this book, and I will get it out of the way immediately:

This takes place in purgatory (awesome). Purgatory is set up as an airport terminal in which everyone has to figure their sh*t out in order to catch their flight to heaven (amazing). Everyone stays in an airport hotel with lumpy mattresses and an orange motif (also fitting).

But here's the thing.

All the food in purgatory





Existing in a world where every food is wrapped in a jiggly nightmare of savory Jell-o is nothing short of hellish. That cuisine has absolutely no place in anywhere other than hell itself.

Now that we've got the complaining out of the way.

This is an almost perfect book. Ignore the bit I just complained about and it is totally perfect.

It is Emily Henry-esque, which is, as anyone who has the misfortune of knowing me knows, the highest possible praise I can give any object, individual, media, or element of matter.

It is so funny. The concept is brilliant. The writing is descriptive and visual and lovely. The main character is a gem. Okay, all the characters are gems.

And yes, fine, maybe I could have lived without the romance, but I didn't hate it and I see its purpose and overall that may have much more to do with my cold unfeeling heart than the romance itself.

Bottom line: I can't wait for Gabby Noone to write another fantastic creative funny ridiculous book so I can graduate from "appreciation" to "complete obsession."

(Disclaimer: I have read her Twitter feed as if it were a book once or twice.)


hey if this book isn't on your radar you are making a BIG MISTAKE.

HUGE, even.

review to come / 5 stars (i think)


couldn't think of a better place to read this, a book about a world in which purgatory is an airport, than while waiting for my plane

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