Leading from Your Best Self Develop Executive Poise, Presence, and Influence to Maximize Your Potential

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I've spent a lot of years learning how to run a business. Then realized the special sauce isn't only about the processes, but about real leadership. About leading people and developing them to lead others. This is no easy task and I will always be striving for perfection.

I met Rob on an airplane during a trip from Boston to Denver. We chatted a bit about our lives and soon discovered some crossover. Rob is a coach in the truest form. He lives and breathes authenticity, truth, poise, and presence. During the flight he recommended I come try his 3 day courses in Boston called: Leading from your best self: executive poise and presence.

I was hesitant at first but soon discovered that it was exactly what I needed. It taught me the art of authentic leadership and how to present my best self at all times. Or at least strive towards that.

I took his course and needless to say, in my 15 years in a leadership role, it was the most profound experience I've ever had.

Then, Rob releases this book. And goes over the entire course and then some. It has been an extremely great reminder to what I learned with Rob and how to carry myself. I use his teachings from his course and from this book as a daily practice for myself, but I've also passed on the knowledge, almost daily, in our business.

If Brene Brown teaches us what leadership is, Rob teaches us how to apply great leadership through poise, presence, and storytelling.

Buy this book. Practice and teach its content. Do the work. :-)

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