Lillian Duncan – Betrayed

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On the cover we see Maria holding her right cheek as if she had been hit in the face. Underneath the headline an eye is present as if someone was watching her. One sentence draws attention: "The nightmare is not over, your late husband just called " I loved this book even though I didn't know at the base that it was a 2 volume I read it anyway and no regrets. The story recants the life of Maria who is under witness protection. She has abandoned her family, her friends, her past even her name to protect her daughter Layla because she is not aware that her father was a monster. When one day a girl disappears, she wonders if her past is not catching her. Because where she's going to put her feet, she's going to put herself in danger especially as her late husband has to call him when he's supposed to be dead. Eager to read other books of this author who deserves to be known, her scripts hold the road, the characters are endearing.

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