Lisa Gardner – Find Her

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A terrific thriller from Lisa Gardner where her psychological insights and descriptions of abduction victim, Flora Dane, are nothing less than outstanding. Flora was kept in a pine coffin, sexually and physically abused and starved by Jacob Ness as part of his plan to destroy her sense of self and remake her as Molly, a woman entirely dependent on him and Jacob is the most important person in her life. Molly/Flora was eventually freed after 472 days, and she shoots Jacob dead. 5 years on, Flora is a different person, she is strong and trained in self defence. However, she is not the person she once was, her connection with her family is weaker, and she is most comfortable alone, in the void. To counter her demons, she has made it her life's work to help abduction victims, an endless psychological attempt to save herself.

DD Warren of Boston PD is on restricted duty when she attends the scene of the death of Devon by chemical fire, a bartender who had taken Flora. A naked and handcuffed Flora had used items available to her to attack him. DD wonders whether Flora is vigilante or victim, given she has put herself in this position multiple times. Then Flora is once again taken, and DD spearheads the police hunt to find her. Flora is once again in a situation that is rooted in her past, of events she had never told anyone about, but which made her perceive herself as a monster. Flora is going to have to face up to her past, her fears that she will forever be the vulnerable Molly and overcome all obstacles if she is to survive her unfinished business after 472 days kept captive and 5 years of supposed freedom. DD works against the clock, with the help of Dr Samuel Keynes, Flora's FBI victim support psychologist, to locate Stacey Summers, another missing woman and Flora.

A brilliant thriller which showcases the impressive research Gardner carried out on the psychological damage incurred by abduction survivors and the courage they have to find to live and embrace life again.

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