Lost Along the Way

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I became fast friends with Meg, Cara and Jane. This was a fun and strangely comforting book to read. I plan to share it with two good female friends from my past.
It had me wanting to reach out to people that have drifted from my life for no good reason other than passing time and life choices and obligations.
It has its Thelma and Louise revenge moments.

Told in a combination of present tragedies and nostalgic flashbacks, I felt I better understood these women and how certain choices insinuated themselves into their paths.
You may look at Cara and say it couldn't happen to you. I know better. You may feel Meg over reacts but until it is your turn, you can't predict your actions and choices. And Jane... she is a tough person to feel sorry for but I am happy to say my compassion came through for her as well.

Perhaps women will better respond to this book than most men but I feel it can be enjoyed from any gender, from high school age (foreshadowing!) to grandparents.

I was given a copy of this book for review purposes.
I enjoyed it very much and will check out other books by Erin Duffy.

***Genres: Adult Fiction: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction. Chick Lit

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