Lost Boy by Christina Henry

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okay wow. i have no idea whats happened because everything i know about the story of peter pan now feels like a massive lie. i feel like im in some sort of shock. as far as i am now concerned, this reimagining is the only true version of events.

i think ive always romanticised peter and his lost boys; but when i read the original story last year, i found peter to be quite childish. that was my first turning point. and now this cruel and violent tale has only confirmed what i feared - that peter is undeniably selfish.

i also feel like the brutality of this story is somewhat necessary to emphasise with a character like jamie, a character that we have all come to know as a villain. so to see his origins and understand how he came to be the way he is is really important.

i also want to praise CH for taking dark story and filling it with radiant writing. my goodness, there are some sentences that read like pure poetry. i am so i love with her writing style and how she told this story. its definitely a highlight for me.

this book has been so much more than i expected it to be.

4.5 stars

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