Louise L

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This is a tough book for me to admit to. Because its self-help. And its got goofy-sounding psuedo-science around the edges...and its hippy flakey commie witchy woman so on so forth... everything that is the opposite of how I indentify myself.

But damn. The core of it is one revolutionary idea that I can't disassemble, with any amount of cynicism or logic. And that is: I'm choosing my life. All sadness, failure, struggle in my life...I'm creating it, ASKING for it, even. And it can change.

Its a beautiful object, this book. Every page is written on soothing, glossy watercolors. I wanted to own it the first time I picked it up, even tho I didn't much read it for two years.

I can't say my life is healed or changed yet. But this book makes me happy. And hopeful.

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