love and respect

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The best marriage book I've found so far. Based on the fact that women need love and men need respect. For years that concept turned me off of reading this book, until the wall was so great that I had nowhere else to turn to find out how to talk to my husband again. This book saved my marriage by teaching me how to talk to my hubby in a way that showed him what I was feeling in my heart in a way he understood.

By the way, I don't recommend taking this book from page 1 if you are in dire straights. Instead read the chapters that call out to you the most i.e. She Fears Being a Doormat; He's Tired of "Just Not Getting It" and She Worries About Being a Hypocrite; He Complains "I Get No Respect!" In the end I didn't read the entire book but what I did read gave me more than enough to initiate breaking down the wall with my hubby. Thank God.

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