love to stay – sex grace and commitment

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The mission of marriage. What is it exactly Hamilton says the mission of marriage is for both husband and wife to be helpers, partners, and companions for one another. One subtitle of this chapter, eros, agape and the vision of marriage. Great stuff.

"If LaVon and I weren't married, I would want to be the kind of man she would fall in love with." -- I think this is such a profound statement and one I agree with.

Hamilton talks about different aspects of the married relationship and how the differences between men and women and then differences in what is important at different stages and ages of life. The research he did was so thorough and really makes you feel like you are normal!

I found so many things in this book so simple, you wonder why you didn't think of it. I tagged so many pages with so much solid advice and it all comes back to the Bible.

Another statement from the book that I found so awesome was, " If we want to affair-proof our marriage, attending worship is a great place to start."

You will find many more gems like this one and so much more! A book that is easy to understand, with verses backing up why Hamilton believes the way he does!

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