MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood

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I was so excited about this last book of the MaddAddam trilogy and I saw the book in Waterstones couple of weeks in hardcover. I could not resist.... and read!

I read the reviews and saw that some readers were somewhat disappointed about this final MaddAddam. I really don't care.... I am amazed still by the content, imagination and cleverness of this story and this great writer.

Yes the first book was amazing, mindboggling, what's happening here... the second book shocking and up close & personal. The third book, brings it all together for me. Touching story, those people you got to know in the previous books get closer, the beautiful way of writing and decribing the scenes, it's even more personal and it's closure. How can anyone invent a story like this... Yes, there are elements in this story which were... sort of... out of place for me. Will not get into detail because then i'd spoil.... But the whole story more than made up for it. What a great story, what a great writer. Extraordinary. One of the highlights of my reading in 2013. And highly recommended. Big five star.

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