Mark Tabb – The Sacred Acre

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Sacred Acre is an amazing book. I live in Iowa and I know we were all devastated when the F-5 tornado hit Parkersburg killing eight people and destroying over 250 homes and businesses. The state of Iowa was even more devastated when they heard that Parkersburg High School football Coach Ed Thomas was murdered by a former student and player. I knew this book was going to be good, but I wasn't expecting it to be so good that I could barely sit it down at night.
This book betrays an inspirational message when things get tough you have to keep on fighting. Like Ed Thomas he told Parkersburg that they would play their first home game on their home field, even though the tornado hit and destroyed about everything. He believed that anything was possible if you set your mind to it.
Ed Tomas was a beloved Coach, husband, father, and friend. This book shared with us that he was more than a coach he was a church elder, mentor to students, and players. It is amazing how one guy can have an effect on so many people. Reading this book kind of made me angry, because I don't understand how someone can take someone else's life especially someone that has an impact on so many people. I think it is amazing though instead of Ed Thomas's family and community grieving about his death they are rebuilding what he started and striving each day to do things in his memory.
This book reminded me of our hometown football coach, he just doesn't coach football he teaches us life lessons that will help us in our future. This book was amazing and I recommend it to anyone that loves football, or anyone that likes to read about amazing people and hometown heroes.

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