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I realize that I'm female, and thus not the target audience for this book. But wow, if you follow the advice in here, you will get laid. I really want to buy this book for a couple of clueless male friends who complain often about dating, but they'd probably be insulted.

*Especially* valuable in this book are the insights into female thinking and behavior. I actually read this book to get clarification on why I react so strongly to certain things that men do. And it was very comforting, actually, to know that there are legitimate, scientific reasons that I react a certain way. If you as a man understand WHY she is thinking or doing whatever it is she's thinking or doing, you can disarm her or course-correct or generally improve whatever is not working.

Also, I very much appreciated the section on ethics and honesty in dating. On behalf of women everywhere, thanks so much for encouraging men to clarify their dating ethics and be stand-up guys! Really good stuff and spot on.

One point that I wish they'd hammered home a little bit better: Once you do what this book says, DON'T STOP DOING IT. If you let your body go and gain weight, or stop being open and social, she will lose attraction for you. Don't do all of this hard work to attract women and then stop once you get a girlfriend. That's a recipe for relationship disaster. (That's also probably a whole separate book: How to Keep Your Relationship Going Once You Have One. Take note, Tucker & Dr. Miller! There's your next book topic.) There is no "finish line" for human sexuality -- it's an on-going collaboration, guys, not a race with a starting and stopping point.

The Mating Grounds podcast, which Tucker & Dr. Miller do, is also very good, but I'm more of a reader/visual learner, so it was interesting to see all of their advice collected in once place. This book also gets a little bit deeper than their podcasts do (it is, after all, more than 300 pages long). But if you enjoy listening to podcasts and that format works well for you, definitely check out The Mating Grounds podcast.

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