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That..there is more than one way to tell each other things, and there's more than one way to listen too.
That...Even when you think you're in heaven, you need to stay alert and have a plan...but some things are very hard to plan for.
That...When your heart changes, you change, and you have to make new plans.
That...Sometimes our head knows something, but our hearts refuse to feel it.
That..Sometimes our unhappiness is the quiet kind, that doesn't do much and says even less.
That..A warm heart turned cold can't help but turn warm again if the right people are let in. books lie a whole other world and sometimes that's where it's nice to be.
That..happiness is best satisfied when shared.
That..just because you make a thought go quiet, doesn't mean you've gotten rid of it.
That..sometimes when you haven't talked with a friend for a while, even if it's strange and stiff and you don't quite know what to say, it can still feel better than ever.
That..letting go can sometimes mean you grow.
That..even if you make things right...all may not be perfect.
That..sometimes a silence between friends needs to be crossed to be comfortable and it may seem dangerous and you might want to plan for it..but just taking that step without to much considering
will put you on the other side in an instant.
That..feelings are words that can go straight to the heart.

Ida B is not just any fourth grade little girl...but little girls with thoughts and feeling like hers exist . A nod to Katherine Hannigan for writing a book for them. Anyone can enjoy Ida B, but a few will understand and learn from her without the words...they'll learn with their hearts. I've seen her compared to Junie B., who my class, (and I have to admit from time to time) I enjoy. However, she is not like Junie B besides the fact that we get to hear her thoughts. She is an old soul in a little girls body...we, I mean they exist . I don't want to say much about the story but I do want to say take a leap of faith and pick it up. By turns you will laugh, cry, hold your breath as you wait for resolution, and finally sigh...(why you sigh would be telling...)I certainly hope that someone...a little girl...or a big one like me will read this, read Ida B, relate and perhaps pass it on.

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