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The rare non-fiction book that isn't actually an essay parading as a book. This was a quick read in simple, clear language with good analogies and no unnecessary repetition. A summary of the career-focused bits:

Find Your Purpose
Likeness - who you want to become
Commitment - to becoming that at every step. Actually spending your time and energy in ways that get you closer to your likeness.
Metrics - to measure your progress towards becoming the likeness

Clayton's Likeness
A man who is dedicated to helping improve the lives of other people
A kind, honest, forgiving, and selfless husband, father, and friend
A man who doesn't just believe in God but who believes God

Don't confuse hygiene with motivation
The things that make you love going to work. Feeling that you are doing work that is meaningful to you and making a meaningful contribution; Challenging work, recognition, responsibility, and personal growth.
Hygiene Factors:
Status, compensation, job security, work conditions, company policies, and supervisory practices. Bad hygiene causes dissatisfaction. But good hygiene factors just mean you are not dissatisfied with your job, not that you love your job.

Deliberative - a focused plan
Emergent - unexpected opportunities that arise
Ask what has to prove true
Ask yourself "What are the assumptions that have to prove true in order for me to be happy with this choice" List them. Test their validity: how do you know the company really has a team culture How do you know they will be growing this group etc. Are they within your control

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