Missed Translations – Sopan Deb

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I am a bit biased on this, given that I wrote the book. But my hope is that there is something in this memoir for everyone. It's a story about family, comedy, healing, forgiveness and so much more. It's an immigrant story. A South Asian story. (Not THE South Asian story, mind you. Just one of many from the South Asian diaspora in America.) I also hope that readers find the story timely, as what we think of as the American Dream is constantly being debated today. My parents didn't get to experience that dream in the way we typically think of it.

It was challenging - and yet therapeutic to write. It was enormously difficult to confront my parents about my upbringing, while incredibly humanizing to hear their stories. I found things out about my family that shocked me.

We keep calling Missed Translations a memoir because it's an easy classification. But the book genuinely captures a year or so of my life. So the reactions you see in the book are real in the moment, similar to a journal.

Thank you for reading in advance. It genuinely means the world to me.

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