money master the game

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Damn, took me 11 days to finish this beast of a book, 650 pg. One of the few books I read from start to end nowdays, and for good reason.

This book holds the key to making a financial fortune and also what to do with it. Tony did a great job with this book and I learned so much from it, as you can see from the notes below.

I highly recommend this book to practically anyone.

Money: Master the Game
- Compunded return is awesome. Start young
- It's hard to keep large sums of money
- Tax and fees efficiency is critical to growth
- Seek the unicorns and learn from them
- Don't try to beat the masters in their own game
- Know from the start you'll be wrong and prepare.
- Define the system before you receive the money to avoid temptetion
- Asset allocation is a hugely important decision for investing
- "it's almost certain that whatever you're going to put your money in, there will come a day when you will lose fifty percent to seventy percent."
- Choose asset allocation that'll allow you to sleep well at night
- Have a dream bucket for fun now or helping others
- Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful
- Spread investments over time i.e. every month --> higher profits and less risk
- Rebalance your portfolio every 6/12 months, remember 6 months can increase taxes
- Top investors are obssessed with not losing money, risk 1 per 5 - little to make a lot, diversify, always hungry for more
- Provide value and think from your customer's point of view

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