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What is the fascination with the life of the Amish With so many best seller fiction novels on the lives of the Amish and movies, we have an attraction. Best-selling author Serena Miller gives her readers a look at the lives of the Amish in the raising of their families and their life style.

Done in six parts you get a better understanding and more of an appreciation of the values of the Amish. Each part ends with Amish parenting tips for the non-Amish.

Part one Family- From how do new mothers take care of their babies from not letting them cry it out and feeding on demand, says much about how they love and care for their children. The contentment of Amish Children is due to the parents making the family central that children are allowed to feel secure. Community starts with the family. Children are included in all areas of the family life. With the work, the play, the meal and the worship, the family is central. An Amish family is accountable to the Amish community. If a marriage is having issues, the community will take measures to help that family overcome those issues.

Part two Community-The Amish community is having purpose together. Common core values that value others more important. Individualism teaches follow your heart, Amish core values in community teaches to consider the other. Three principals that feed community and starve individualism are avoiding anything prideful. From praising beauty and intelligence, giving up your own will to do things your own way, and the acceptance of life. This fosters cooperation and support for one another instead of fostering competition. With competition, we create a culture of insecurity that leads to bitterness, fear and anxiety.

Part three Discipline-Discipline starts with the mind-set that the homes are not child-centered, they are God-centered. The value of God is taught and with that is the discipline to wait. No instant gratification. A study show that children that have the discipline to wait, score higher on SAT test, have a lower BMI and have a better well-being. The discipline of waiting also encourages respect which is a high value in the Amish community and family.

Part four-Work Ethic-It is very evident that Amish have a strong work ethic but along with that they also have a balance of play. The importance of play eliminates a burnout that we in the non-Amish experience. Not that we do not experience play, but maybe not a healthy play where the enjoyment of each other is experienced.

Part five - Technology-Something to consider- "Whereas electricity tends to distribute the family all over the house, a lack of electricity draws them closer together, kind of like a moths to a flame. Have you experienced a power outage Our family did for 3 days, and it was a memory that I will always cherish. The Amish experience that bonding all the time. What happens is our lives are built on small decisions that we make. When we decide that a computer game, TV show, internet surfing, etc. is more important than reading a book, playing a board game, teaching a new skill like knitting, we are building barriers instead of building a home. Many times our technology encourages us to want and desire what is not important. We lose reality and choose fantasy.

Part six- Faith- Are we truly engaged in our faith Amish are very engaged in their faith. They do not require entertainment for worship. It is interesting without evangelism; the Amish are thriving, whereas the American Church is declining. Many members move from church to church or they stop going all together. The Amish church and community is devoted to five biblical principles found in the Acts church.

I was encouraged and found great joy reading about the lifestyles of the Amish culture. I appreciated the why and the discipline it takes to deny self in obedience to the will of God. The Amish culture has its own problems; however, they know how to live in community.

Thank you Goodreads for ARC and the opportunity to read such a fine book.

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