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This book was gifted to me by a distant relative during one of our annual visits to India. In India, close relatives usually gift clothes and/or cash, so you could buy thing of your own choice. I don't know if that's peculiar to us or a common practice across cultures.

Anyways, I was intrigued by the title "Mother Pious Lady": turned out it's an innocuous part of a matrimonial advertisement in a newspaper! Yes, we Indians still believe in Arranged Marriage, the kind of thing that many Westerners believe exists only in the novels of Jane Austen!

That & many more cultural, social & religious issues are discussed in an extremely lively, witty, & above all compassionate way. I relived many moments from my childhood while reading chapters like Remembering the Summer Holidays, In Praise of the Unannounced Visit, The Pleasures of Vividh Bharti, etc.
These are things that, sadly, my children won't be able to experience, thanks to a rapidly changing India.

This book has three sections:
Where Do We Come From
New Adventures In Modernity
Dilemmas Of Change

Each section is then further divided into several chapters, which are then elucidated under several sub-headings. It's an excellent collection of thought-provoking essays & critical commentaries. This book is essentially about the urban middle class of India.

The writer Santosh Desai is a well-known social commentator with his columns appearing in several prominant publications. I'll say that this book is aimed at Indian readership as well as foreigners who are trying to make sense of this chaotic reality called India!
I absolutely love it & try to give it to both distant & close relatives(along with clothes & cash of course!)
Highly recommended!

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