My Art, My Life An Autobiography

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Diego Rivera is a horrible liar. It is exceedingly difficult to believe his version of things: that he lost his virginity at age 9, he had an affair with a married woman at 12 or 13, he escaped from a police dragnet while being framed by Leon Trotsky for an attempt on his life, and that his doctor assured Rivera and one of his several wives that some men "were simply incapable of sexual fidelity" and that Rivera was one of those.

However, if you are wondering if all that is as interesting as it sounds--it IS.

The book was transcribed and reorganized from interviews with Rivera by Gladys March, a young American woman, and it is in the form of 80-some short vignettes. Almost all are fascinating.

If you are looking for truth, probably best to skip this one. If you're looking for possibly the most exciting autobiography you've ever read, start it today.

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