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By far one of the best mindfulness/meditation and self-help books I've read in a long time, Fear Less has great stories, practical tips and techniques and a wide variety of approaches to offer without the necessity of any particular belief. The blend of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Yogic, Humanistic and other ideas and aspects with elements of cognitive behavioral techniques and mindfulness approaches to releasing thoughts, feelings and ideas of self in a moment to find greater peacefulness and awareness were well written, fast paced and spot on in effectiveness. I loved the blend of story, practice and explanation that Sluyter weaves throughout the book. I listened to the audiobook version of this, but liked it well enough that I'll seek out and purchase the paper version so I can refer back to it again. There is also the author's website that I recommend as an additional resource.

If I was to offer any critique, it would be that the weakest chapter in the book for me was the highly negative reaction that the author owns in response to the election of Trump as President. While there is an eventual acknowledgement of dealing with anyone one dislikes as a teacher to see where the person is pushing our buttons so there is ultimately application of his own techniques, I was a little taken off guard by the virulence of his acknowledged response. It felt like an overall really great book would, unfortunately, be off-putting to anyone of a more conservative leaning as a result of this one chapter and the inflammatory language used in a few places. I may, in my own liberal leanings, have my thoughts on this particular politicians or some more conservative views, but it frustrates me when I feel like fairly liberal people apply a standard of let's all be accepting of each other and inclusive...oh, wait...except for those intolerable X group of conservatives. It feels like a double standard. I believe we can hold different view points, stay true to our commitment to stand for our view, but find language and ways of speaking about those we disagree with that doesn't feel like it furthers the divide. It felt like if there had been an acknowledgement of difference, but a greater degree of seeking equanimity rather than making all conservatives an "other", I would have had greater respect for the teaching. As it was, there was enough good in the book to outweigh what felt like an area of blind spot, but it did feel like such to me.

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