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I forget how I first came across this book, but it seemed to be one of those (like Blink, The Tipping Point, The Wisdom of Crowds, etc.) that was getting a lot of press on blogs that I read frequently. Ferrazzi has an interesting blog for Never Eat Alone and Phil Terry of Creative Good suggested I give it a go to help connect with folks at the Gel conference this week.

The book is about how to meet people and develop deeper relationships more quickly. Ferrazzi shares his philosophy on life--you can't succeed without the help of others--and outlines strategies to make connecting easier.

These strategies are a reinforcement of the Golden Rule, and they boil down to things like: Always looking to help or connect people, Have a story to tell, Show vulnerability first to make the conversation more intimate, Become indispensible in one specific area to become more valuable to your company, Ping your contacts at least once a quarter, Do your homework; make sure you know details about the people you will be meeting, Be bold; believe you have something to offer and others will treat you as such, and Speak at, or start a conference to develop your personal brand.

The advice Ferrazzi presents is useful for managing one's personal and professional lives (in his life, Ferrazzi does not make a distinction between the two) and really preaches that a different mindset is required in order to be always connecting. It's a good read, and while Ferrazzi name-drops a lot, he's ultimately a (smart, ambitious) kid from working class Pennsylvania who has networked his way to both success and what sounds like a fulfilling life.

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