never knowing

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Chevy stevens is fast becoming one of my favourite authors in this genre she brings substance & a solid plot that gets you right into the book.

All her life Sara Gallagher has wondered about her birth parents being an adopted child with two sisters Lauren & Melanie who were born naturally to her parents, Sara did not have a normal ideal home life.

She has always wondered about her real mother now she is engaged to Evan & has a 6 year old daughter Ally she wants to find out who she really is.

Sara decides to pursue looking for her real parents she researches & finds her real mother Julia who works as a professor at the university but also finds that she is the only survivor of THE CAMPSITE KILLER!!! the further she goes she unravels details of her fathers background which she finds distressing.

So now Sara is determined not to believe that her father john could be a killer but the deeper she goes the more John draws her into his games she decides to meet him to stop the carnage.

one by one people are being killed or hurt even Ally disappears which heightens the terror that Sara is feeling. I felt angst for Sara & thought she was a real heroine throughout this novel.

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