No Bad Deed – Heather Chavez

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WOW! I need a minute! And please somebody get this Sauvignon Blanc bottle and bring me Jameson and cannoli platters! ( Jameson for me, cannoli for my mother in law because during my reading I bit my nails and my arms and guess I didn't feel any pain! When I think this book gave me higher pain tolerance, I realized I was biting my mother in law's arm during my reading who was really worried about my non-stop screaming! So yes, cannoli is my bribe. And also I gave her free pass for my freezer where the rats are ice skating because of boredom and emptiness!)
First we need an ovation for the author because she bend our minds, she shocked us, she surprised the hell of us, she entertained us and she made us jump at our sits!

She did a fantastic job! At her story gripped me from the first page, made me cancel my entire schedule and lie to my business partner I had a stomach flu so I stayed at home, I didn't work, write, attend any conference calls and I didn't cook, clean, do any chores (I actually never do them but I wanted to emphasize how this book took my all attention) so just kept reading and reading and of course at the end I screamed "holly sh**"! Well my neighbors get used to my reactions! They'd seen the worst (after watching Shaun of the Dead which is one of my all -time favorite movies, I took a big tour around neighborhood and screamed "Yesss" because I have been feeling sooo good!) This book gave me some near Simon Pegg's euphoria effect!

You know what they say: The road to hell is paved in good intentions! Our story starts with our badass veterinary, mother of two children Cassie's stopping her car as soon as she sees a man attacking a woman. Of course she calls 911. But it is not enough! She has guilt feelings about her college friend's death. She told herself she needed to do something at that time but now she has a chance to clean her karma or making things so so so much worse because after she left her car and fought against the man to save the abused woman's life: man told her he was going to come after her and her loved ones.

And after the incident, her husband who acts strange, taking calls from someone she doesn't know and sends her cryptic messages that they need to talk, disappears into thin air. And guess what, she tracks his phone records and meets with his mistress. The very same woman she saved from the attack. (See what good intentions reward you with!) And she learns more about her husband's secrets. Of course her family is chased by Carver Sweet (which is not so sweet, mostly bitter and rotten egg) she fought to save her husband's mistress at the beginning of the story.
So where is unfaithful husband Why Carver not so Sweet psychopath is after her Why Cassie is a badass but also shows respect to the woman who gloats for sleeping with her husband Who is watching her family Are they in bigger danger than they could ever imagine

Please keep reading! Nothing as it seems. This book killed my spider senses and made my mouth agape. So I am not gonna give any spoilers. Just read this book and impress from author's evil genius mind. Get ready to the big twist you never see it coming at the end!!!

I'm giving 5 and half gazillion stars to this book because I gave so many entertaining thrillers to five stars but this book and the author's creative writing exceeded my expectations.

By the way: I gave Cassie best leading character and Daryl best supporting character literature awards. I loved both of them so much.

Special thanks to Netgalley and William Morrow/Harper Collins Publishers for sharing one of the most anticipated and debut novel's ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review. And I congratulate Heather Chavez. Please keep writing those mind-bending stories. I had so much fun and gave villain laughs after reading this splendid story!


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