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"You have two choices. you can keep running and hiding and blaming the world for your problems, or you can stand up for yourself and decide to be somebody important." -Sidney Sheldon, Nothing Lasts Forever

Once again, I owe my life to Sidney Sheldon (over-reacting mode).
I can't find enough words to say because it would be too repetitive. I have read twelve (12) of his outstanding novels and this is by far, his BEST! I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's too breathtaking! I cried when I finished reading the novel, and the book spoke to me and said, Nothing Lasts Forever. Even the good things never last. And that I am just under the spell of Sheldon, another Book Hangover. I bet it will take days before I start reading another novel because school is at my door steps and I am still living in this book's world.

The novel addresses one of the roots of debates all around the world, the mercy killing or Euthanasia. Euthanasia is the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals in a relatively painless way as possible. There are different perspective, opinions and ideas towards Euthanasia that is why it is not practice in some parts of the world. And in the novel, our beautiful protagonist is half-heartedly a Pro-Euthanasia.

Moreover, the book tackles discrimination in gender and color because our characters are all female doctors, one is beautiful, smart & belongs to the middle-class, Dr Paige Taylor, the other is Dr Honey Taft, a very rich but self-doubted and secretive person and last but not the least, the smartest among the rest, the beautiful black woman, Dr. Kat Hunter. Don't forget that back in the early 20th century, Medical Doctor is a profession dominated by men and people on the highest social class.

And lastly, the novel covertly reminds the readers (especially aspiring, practicing and full-time doctors) the value of the Hippocratic Oath . It is said in the healer's Oath that they have made a promise to save lives. Pledging to the oath is an act of one who, when lawfully required to tell the truth, takes God to witness that what he says is true. It is a religious act by which the party invokes God not only to witness the truth and sincerity of his promise, but also to avenge his imposture or violated faith, or in other words to punish his false swearing if he shall be guilty of it [Legal Dictionary: Oath]. Therefore, when one takes oath he/she made a binding promise to God to do or say something lawfully and ethically. An oath is constituently related to all of the professions around the world because it obliged man to never betray humanity and to continue creating a world free from danger that leads abruptly to death.

It is very rare to come across a book that is well-written. The characters are all winsome, especially the protagonist, one of the female doctors, Paige Turner. She's too smart, too kind and too lovable.
Sidney Sheldon created another one-of-a-kind novel that follows a twisty plot with his extraordinary Sheldon unpredictable ending!

This novel is simply the best.

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