One Child

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A MUST READ for fans of dark psychological thrillers and suspense novels.

I have never read anything by Sarah A. Denzil before but after reading Silent Child, I know this won't be my last. I am fussy when it comes to my favourite genre but this hit the spot and then some.
I could tell you what this book is about but I am sure you can read the description, I prefer to tell you how absolutely awesome this book is! Yes, it truly left me in awe and it's not a book I will forget for a long time if ever.
This book grabbed me from the very start and it didn't let go until the final page. I do not begrudge not getting any sleep because of of how incredible it was, it was worth every missed second of sleep. I desperately needed to know what happened next. There was plenty of original twists and turns where nothing is what it seems.
The suspense was palpable and the full range of emotions I felt whilst reading this proved to me what a brilliantly talented writer Denzil is. The story was terrifyingly believable which had the hairs standing up on the back of my neck and more than once a tear to the eye. It was obvious that this was not the author's first book by her prose and her expertise in keeping the reader hooked!

My favourite psychological thriller so far for 2017!

Well done Sarah Denzil! You have a new fan!

An easy 5 stars

A warning this is a psychological thriller and suspense novel of a very dark nature. I would recommend it for 18+.
Not for the faint-hearted.

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