One Heart at a Time

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When my daughter was a tiny thing, 7 or 8 years old, she loved to listen to Delilah at Night on our local radio station. My Lambie said she hated the songs but she loved Delilah. "She really cares, Mommy." she told me. Lambie has always had a well developed bullshit meter, so I started listening, too. Delilah really does care.
We lost touch when we moved to an area that doesn't carry her show, but would pick up news of her online and catch her when we traveled.
When she lost first one child, then another, we ached as if a family member grieved. We shared her joy when she added new babies to her family.
I knew very little about her background, except for the tidbits I had picked up here and there.
So I was thrilled when I got the chance to read and review "One Heart at a Time" from Goodreads.

The theme that runs through this book is faith in God. God is ever present, in our joys, our sorrows; he is there to celebrate a new life with us, and he grieves and weeps with us when a life flickers and leaves this world. That is Delilah's first message. Her second is we are here for a reason. God has a use for us, and if we listen and open our eyes He will show us what to do.
We have the power to change the life of every person we meet, every day! (Hey, you, reading this review. I am thinking of you right now and asking God to be with you. Send me a message if you need to talk.)

I recently reviewed another book by a "Christian" that did not ring true to me, and after reading Delilah's book I know why. This other woman was an eternal victim. Horrible things happened to her, but she didn't seem to grasp that they were OVER. Her life was her own, thanks to God. She still thought like a victim.

Delilah is not a victim. Bad things happen to her, because stuff happens. She gets knocked flat. She lets God help her up, and she goes on.

I read this book, and I let go of an anger that had turned into hatred. I was able to forgive someone for wrongs done to me that they will never acknowledged.

Delilah is a star.Her book is readable, enjoyable, and may save your life.

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