One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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My thoughts in a nutshell
I'm deeply in love with this book. One True Loves is my new favorite book. It tells you what I really feel about this book.

The story is about
Skip over this point if you don't like the sneak peek.
Emma has a decent life. She is madly in love with her husband, she lives for her dreams. One day her husband Jesse got an opportunity and he accepted it. He went out to the airport to travel and saw a glacier but Jesse never came back. Everyone thought Jesse was dead. Emma's life turned upside down, and a few years later she found love again. One day Emma got a call and she found out Jesse is alive and he is coming home. What will happen Emma has to make a difficult decision. Sam or Jesse A new or the old love Who is her one true love What does it mean to love truly

What impressed me the most
If I would say that I love everything in this book then how big of a fangirl would I be Because I'm in love with this book so much. (teeth)
I'm crazy about this trope when the couple split up by an unexpected factor and a few years later they meet again. I'm not joking, when I was reading I was constantly asking the people around me what would they do if this hapenned to them No one could answer me because it is a tough decision. There is no right choice here because someone's heart will break.
I like Emma's character development. She changed a lot. Her attitude on life turned.

When she was 20 she wanted two things;
1) stay away from her parents' bookshop and her hometown
2) travel around the world.
Now, she is 31 years old and she wants the opposite.

The time didn't stop when she lost her husband. She had to stand up and move forward even if it was painful. With time everyone changes; me and you too.
I adored the ending. It was a great closing. I agree with the explanation. I was particularly pleased with the last few pages. To be honest, I cried a bit, nah it was beautiful.
I completely felt Emma's feeling. The grief is hard but meeting someone who was assumed dead is even harder. I just couldn't stop reading this story, and I couldn't stop thinking about them and questioning what would happen in the next pages.

Oh man! Taylor Jenkins Reid's writing style is stunning. I've started to highlight my favorite quotes and I noticed I highlighted the whole book, lol. Unfortunately, my dearest quote includes some spoilers.

(view spoiler)[ "I could make myself fit for him. He could make himself fit for me. But that's not true love." (hide spoiler)]

But I collected some quotes without spoilers too:

"When you love someone, it seeps out of everything you do, it bleeds into everything you say, it becomes so ever-present, that eventually it becomes ordinary to hear, no matter how extraordinary it is to feel."

"Good things don't wait until you're ready. Sometimes they come right before, when you're almost there."

"I am who I am because I loved you once. "

Make a conclusion
I gave it 5 stars because it was perfect for my soul. I would love to read more from Taylor Jenkins Reid.
I recommend it to anyone who loves the romance genre with a hard decision.

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