Opium and Absinthe – Lydia Kang

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What a fantastic read! I absolutely loved this Victorian Murder Mystery with a paranormal touch and a sprinkle of romance. The New York City in 1899 was painted so vividly and accurately, I felt immediately immersed in the culture and the environment. I was amazed with the detailed and fascinating medical parts, too.
The main character Tillie was a delight with her forever curious mind, resourcefulness, ambition, and her devotion to her sister. Her persistence and bravery to find her sister's killer despite the harsh obstacles such as her injury, spiraling into a drug addiction, and being a prisoner of a strict household and Victorian era etiquette. This book made me weep, smile, laugh, and think.
It was a perfect blend of Sherlock Holmes, Penny Dreadful and a Dress For The Wicked. Bonus points for the gorgeous cover!

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