OUT OF BREATH (Breathing #3)

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You just know that I will be the one sitting at the computer screen repeatedly clicking refresh in the hopes that there will at least be like a book summary or something. I will not for a second waver. I will sit here religiously and click refresh because this is how much I am addicted to this series. I realize that this is not healthy and I seriously do not give a damn. I am and will forever be addicted to Emma and Evan. When the release date is posted I will bite my fingernails in anticipation. A day before the release I will stay up, read the first two books and on the last page of the second book I will immediately leave my house, got to the nearest book store, and stay there until I finish the third book. Then the day after the third book comes out, I will read all the books in order. I will then be satisfied because the book will have ended the way that I want. With Emma and Evan HAPPY! If anyone deserves happiness then it's them. Okay. Now post a release date already because my fingers are starting to tire from pressing refresh and people probably think I'm a little weird. Too bad I don't care. POST THE DAMN DATE!!!!! AND SUMMARY!!!!!!!

Thank the good lord that I have characters left because this is going to be a whole new level of difficult. Most of you on this page right now. Reading this review have been with Emma and Evan since the beginning. I have held on to Emma and Evan for dear life. They are pretty much at the top of my list of favourite characters. The first book was captivated because Emma's story is one that breaks the heart into a million pieces. I'm book two Emma's heart shatters even more though you don't expect that it could. In book three, Emma attempts to rebuild her heart all on her own but she just can't.(view spoiler)[ She never could built it back on her own. She needed Evan. She has always needed Evan. I've never hurt so much for a character than I did for Emma. Talk about the world being against you. She was the evidence. She made it though. She made it out of her tunnel and at the end she found Evan waiting with open arms. They both definitely had things to work out but it came together. It wasn't a forced happily ever after. They didn't fake anything. They just lived their lives each day with love. (hide spoiler)]

Emma leaves Weslyn and everyone in it behind to attend Stanford University, just as she always intended. A shell of her former self, she is not the same girl. She is broken, and the only way that she’ll be whole again is through forgiveness. Emma must find a way to forgive herself and recognize her own worth before she can receive the love she deserves. This final installment will have readers holding their breath until the very last page.

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