Phantom – Patricia Cornwell

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26/3 - One of my favourite Scarpetta mysteries and another that gets to keep its five star rating. It sets up a long-running battle between Scarpetta and Gault and her continuing problems with the politicians/her bosses. I had forgotten the way things, big things, happen 'off screen' so to speak and was practically having a heart attack when Mark's death was casually brought up which left me thinking I'd somehow missed a book. Then I remembered, things happen in the time that passes between the books, and I calmed down.

Lucy was my favourite character for a long time (I forget what happened with her from around book 10, so I'm not sure whether she continues to be my favourite, I'll see when I get there) and this is the first book where she really gets to shine and show her future potential. If she was a whiz with UNIX I can't wait to see how she deals with today's computer technology (I'm nowhere near up to date with this series, so no spoilers about what's happening with her, or any of the other characters, in the comments).

Anyone who knows me knows that I am concerned about climate change and can see its effect on Melbourne's (and the rest of Australia's) weather, the winters are getting shorter and warmer and the summers just keep getting drier but I still wouldn't want to live through winters like Cornwell's Scarpetta does. Melbourne's traffic is bad enough, we really don't need to add snow to the problem.

Throughout this book, and to a lesser extent All that Remains, Scarpetta is constantly paging Marino and then bemoaning the fact that he probably can't find a payphone to call her back, all I keep thinking is "I can't wait till he gets a mobile, it's going to save him and Scarpetta so much time and annoyance, possibly even save lives" (like in All that Remains when Pat Harvey has to go searching for a phone after Abby is shot, maybe if she'd had a phone in her pocket Abby could have been saved). Going straight to the (home) library for The Body Farm for bedtime tonight.

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