Phil M Jones] Exactly What to Say The Magic Word

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Just imagine yourself across from a prospect. How would you feel if they raised an objection you hadn't considered I bet you're a bit like me, you'd get stressed and talk too much.

Don't worry. Phil Jones' book is here to help. "Exactly What to Say" took me longer than normal to read because I kept sharing nuggets with my clients and colleagues. I was happy to find magic words that I regularly use in my leadership and fundraising trainings. But I found even more phrases I'd never thought about using in this context. Better than just giving phrases to use, Phil tells you why the phrases help your communication.

There are two types of people, those who focus on themselves by getting stressed and talking too much when a conversation seems spiralling out of control. And those who can stay focused on the other person and helping them make a decision because they know exactly what to say.

The good news is this book gives you a short cut to becoming the second type of person.

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